6 Ways to Stay Hydrated at Home This Summer

Staying hydrated is extremely important in all seasons, but especially during summer when we lose more water through sweating. Have a look at the six tips below which will help you stay adequately hydrated throughout this season and avoid the issues that come with dehydration.

1. Eat Foods With a High Water Content

Whenever you’re reaching for a snack, pick fruit and ensure that it’s one with a high content of water. This includes watermelon, peaches, oranges, and strawberries. They will help you increase your fluid intake and have the benefit of being easy to pack while you’re up and about. Whenever you’re presented with the option to take something with you, these fruits will be your best friends in summer. In the United States, an average family of four people uses about 400 gallons of water each day, according to Ivy Plumbing Co. You can supplement this with a healthy fruit or two and you will get additional benefits besides simply staying hydrated.

2. Avoid Caffeinated and Sugary Drinks

Anything with sugar and caffeine such as energy drinks, alcohol, coffee, and sports drinks is not advisable to take in at times when you risk dehydration. This is because they will not only be hard on your stomach when you’re not adequately hydrated but will also act as diuretics and dehydrate you even more at a faster pace. Ditching these drinks will be beneficial for you both now and in the long run.

3. Carry Water Whenever You Go

Don’t forget to pack a bottle of water to carry around with you. Whenever you start to feel thirsty, you will enjoy the easy access you have to water whose quality you’re assured of. It will be easy for you to stay hydrated when you don’t have to constantly search for sources of clean drinking water whenever you need to have a drink, so invest in a good quality reusable water bottle. This way, you won’t contribute more pollution to the environment. Small leaks around the home, according to Comfy Living, can waste about 10,000 gallons of water each year, so while shopping for a reusable water bottle, you should also shop for replacement parts for any leaking fixtures in your home.

4. Stay Cool

Keep yourself cool in the summer so you can minimize the amount of water you lose to the environment in form of sweat. Doing this will help you avoid getting dehydrated in the first place, and you will be able to get by without having to drink an excessive amount of water, especially if you’re not in the position to do so in the first place, such as while traveling or exercising.

5. Know the Signs of Dehydration

Knowing the signs of dehydration is another important tip as it can help you avoid getting severely dehydrated. From experiencing headaches, nausea, constipation, and muscle cramps to having dry skin and dark urine, you need to know the signs that mean you need to take a break and hydrate. You could drink tap water, as the majority of the United States population does. This is 71% of people who drink it at least sometimes, while a mere 12% say that they never drink tap water, according to Super Water Conditioning.

6. Flavor Your Water

Finally, if you just can’t stand the taste of plain water, you could add a flavor to it to try and make it more palatable while ensuring it’s natural and healthy. Berries, lemons, mint, and limes are all good examples of some things you can use to naturally flavor your water and enjoy taking it more.

Follow these tips to avoid the risk of dehydration that comes in the summer. You will stay healthy and happy, making the most of the amazing weather.

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