4 Reasons to Have Your Jewelry Cleaned Regularly

Over time, your fine jewelry may lose its luster and start to look dull and aged. This doesn’t mean that it has come to the end of its lifespan, however, as you can restore it with a good cleaning session. Read on to see five other reasons why you should have your jewelry regularly cleaned.

1. It Maintains Your Jewelry’s Looks

The main purpose of jewelry is for it to improve your looks, and the only way it can do this successfully is if you clean it regularly. Find a professional jewelry cleaner who can clean up your pieces every few months or even once a year to maintain them in a pristine condition. For the rest of the periods before having it professionally cleaned, you can find effective methods to clean it yourself at home. Just make sure that you know the specific jewelry type and avoid using methods that will corrode it or leave it worse for wear, rather than improving it. You could look for a professional jewelry cleaner on Google, which accounts for more than 79% of the global search traffic from desktops. Read their reviews and verify their skills and authenticity before entrusting them with your jewelry.

2. It Helps You Stay Healthy

Whenever you wear jewelry, you expose it to the environment and leave it prone to collecting dust, bacteria, pollen, and other environmental pollutants. This can leave you at risk of getting allergies or even falling sick as time progresses, so dirty jewelry is a serious health risk. From rings and bracelets to necklaces and lapel pins, there’s no single piece of jewelry that can’t benefit from regular cleaning. Lapel pins, which are small pins worn on clothing to show that one is affiliated with a cause or organization, will need special care due to the presence of the pin to avoid accidentally pricking yourself while cleaning it. Take the necessary safety measures so you can clean your pieces effectively and safely.

3. It Makes You Want to Wear Your Jewelry More Often

When your jewelry looks as good as new, you will hardly have enough of it. You will find yourself reaching for the pieces that look sparkly and new a lot more often than you wear the dull ones. Avail all your pieces for regular use by keeping them clean at all times, therefore, and you will have a larger variety to use, and for which you will get compliments whenever you wear them.

4. It Can Alert You to Necessary Repairs

Finally, cleaning your jewelry regularly will have you looking at each piece closely and so it will enable you to any potential issues long before they get out of hand. For instance, you will be able to spot a loose stone or a link that’s about to come undone when you spend time cleaning up each intricate piece of jewelry by hand. This can save you from losing the entire jewelry or an important part of the piece that will permanently alter the way your jewelry looks. You will also be able to conclusively tell if a ring is too large, which is often obvious if the ring swivels easily 360 degrees whenever you move your hand, especially if you don’t have large knuckles. In this case, it will be possible to have it reduced to the right size effectively as you will be able to tell how much bigger it is.

If you haven’t been cleaning your jewelry regularly, these four reasons are a sign that you need to do so. Find the time to do so as a part of your beauty regimen and you will enjoy the immediate change that comes about.

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