10 Tips for Creating an Energy-Efficient Home

Maintaining energy efficiency in your home is paramount in avoiding paying exaggerated electricity bills. There is no doubt that energy use is increasing. In fact, every 20 years, energy use in the U.S doubles. With these 10 tips, you can enhance energy efficiency in your home.

Construction Methods and Materials

Over the years, newly built homes have proven to be more efficient by 17% due to incorporating new building techniques. Structural insulated panels, timber frames, cross-laminated timber, and an insulated concrete formwork are energy-efficient materials you can use to construct your home. By using membranes and tapes, you can easily boost the airtightness level of bricks, thus enhancing energy efficiency in your home.

Using Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are replacing the traditional lights, which consume a lot of energy. Energy-efficient bulbs also incorporate LED technology, making them brighter. Due to their durability level, up to 10 years, you won’t have to replace them frequently. The energy-efficient bulbs may be costlier than traditional ones, but they will save you a lot.


The roofing materials you use in your home will greatly determine your home’s energy efficiency. You should consider replacing your traditional roof with a more energy-efficient roof, such as tile roofs, asphalt shingles, solar tile roofing materials, and green tile roofing.

Research has shown that a replacement roof can yield more than 85% of the initial investment costs upon a resale. Some owners can easily make more than 100% of a new roof while offering a better sale price. You should look for a roofing material that will match your house’s architectural design and your budget.

Replacing Your Windows

Quality windows can trap hot air during the winter season and cool air during the summer seasons, improving the energy efficiency in your home. Window replacement is an expensive project, but you will save over 50% on your energy bills once you install quality windows. The recommendable windows are those that are insulated with argon between both panes.

Purchasing Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances do differ in their energy ratings. To minimize your energy bills, aim to purchase appliances with a high energy rating since they do consume minimal energy compared to those with a low energy rating.

Proper Insulation

Insulation is a perfect way to improve the energy efficiency of your house. With sufficient insulation, your house will be able to retain cool air during the summer, and this will minimize the use of air conditioners, thus making you save a lot on electricity bills.

Solar Power

Installation of a solar system will go a long way in enabling you to save over 90% of your electricity bills. Solar system installation is the best way of making use of renewable energy. You can power all your appliances by use of solar. Solar systems require proper installation; otherwise, the system will be ineffective. Thus, you should hire a qualified technician to aid you in installing the solar systems.

Installing A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are efficient and economical and consume more or less the same energy as a 100-watt bulb. During the summer, you should set it to spin counterclockwise, then adjust your thermostat to some degrees high, enabling you to save over 40% on your cooling bills. You can also save over 10% on heating bills if you set the blades to spin clockwise during the winter.

Installing Skylight

You should avoid switching on the lights during the day to save on electricity bills. Installing skylights in a room without windows will provide natural light in your room. Hence, you won’t have to switch on lights during the day.

Using A Thermostat

Thermostats are essential in regulating the running time of air conditioners, thus avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling. A thermostat will automatically turn off an air conditioner once the desired room temperature is achieved. It is now possible to minimize your heating and cooling bills.

The above 10 tips will assist you in ensuring energy efficiency in your home. Remember to always consult with a professional whenever you want to install a new roof or even a solar system!

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